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After the overwhelming success of the State Committees last year, the State Officer Team has decided to once again entertain committees. Committees have been rebranded or completely replaced to address the Program of Work goals of the new team. Below are the three committees that will be in place this year along with the leadership and a short description that describes the function of the committee.


If you have any questions regarding State Committees, feel free to contact the respective State Officers.

The Social Events Committee was inspired by the committee last year that organized the Kickin' Into Gear Social event. Your State President, and State Vice President are going to lead the committee to organize another and possibly more events that will connect the members from across the state to create a more unified Colorado.

Social Events

TSA Social 2020.JPG

State Conference

The State Conference Committee was inspired by the events that have historically been held at the State Conference. This committee will be led by your State Treasurer and both of your State Officers at Large, They are going to help the committee coordinate events held at the State Conference including the yearly scavenger hunt and other events. 


The Community Outreach Committee was inspired by a strong desire of the sitting team to give back to and connect with their communities. The committee will be led by your State Reporter, and State Sergeant at Arms. They are excited to work with their committee to reach out to outside businesses and community members while also managing ongoing community service events including Fleece for Fighters.

Community Outreach

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