What's the difference between state competitive events and national competitive events?

Both types of competitive events are offered at State Conference. State competitive events are only offered at State Conference and do not advance to National Conference. Only national competitive events are offered at National Conference. Some competitive events require State Advisor approval in order to compete at National Conference. Essentially, your student(s) will need to qualify at State Conference in order to compete in the event at National Conference. To view the list of State Advisor Approval Events, visit:

Where do I find the competitive event rubrics?

After you affiliate, you can access the National Competitive Events Guide on Total TSA. Upon affiliation, the State Advisor will also grant you access to the COTSA Advisors Shared Drive. This drive contains copies of the National Competitive Events Guide and the State Competitive Events Guide. Both guides contain guidelines and rubrics for each competitive event.

What are all of the competitive events offered at State Conference?

We organized the competitive events we offer by career cluster. Take a look!

I have a technical question about an event. Who do I ask?

For national competitive events, the Competition Regulations Committee (CRC) is a great place to start. You can contact them here. For state competitive events, please email the State Advisor at She will field your question to the most appropriate people.

Can I add members after the December 1st affiliation deadline?

Yes, you can! However, be aware that only affiliated members will populate on the State Conference registration website. As long as your chapter was affiliated by the deadline with or without student names, you will not be charged a late fee.

What are the benefits of affiliating with TSA?

Affiliating with TSA gives you and your students access to:

  • Competitive events guides
  • Leadership training and conferences
  • Professional development
  • Business and industry connections
  • Network of students and teachers
  • State level leadership opportunities
  • Advisor resources shared drive
    • Chapter management
    • Conference materials
    • Sample projects

Do I need to have a full student roster when I affiliate?

You can initially affiliate without entering in students names to gain access to the resources. Then as the year progresses, you can add students to your membership roster and increase in membership levels as needed. By State Conference, you will want to make sure you have your full roster uploaded.

How do I decide which competitive events my students compete in at State Conference?

First, you want to make sure you are meeting the eligibility per chapter outlined in the COTSA Advisors Shared Drive. If you have many students interested than your chapter is allowed, you may want to consider hosting runoffs. Second, it is best practice to have a student compete in a variety of events. Consider that some events are individual events whereas some are team events. Some events happen on site whereas some events are submitted prior to conference. Students can compete in a maximum of 6 events, however we appreciate quality over quantity, so we recommend a sweet spot of ~3 events per student for a full, comprehensive experience, and so they have something to do while on site!