What's the difference between state events and national events?

Both events are offered at State Conference. State events do not advance to National Conference. Only national events are offered at National Conference. Some events require advisor approval to compete in them at National Conference. To view that list, visit:

Where do I find the event rubrics?

After you affiliate, you can find the National Competitive Events Guide on Total TSA. The State Comeptitive Events Guide will be emailed to you by the State Advisor. Each guide contains a folder of PDFs for each event.

What are all of the events offered at State Conference?

Take a look at the Events At A Glance spreadsheet located on our State Conference page.

I have a specific question about an event. Who do I ask?

The Competition Regulations Committee is a great starting place. Event Managers and Event Coordinators are listed for each national event, and you can email them directly. You can find their contact information at: If you have a question about a state event, please email the State Advisor at She will field your question to the most appropriate people.

Can I add members after the December 1st affiliation deadline?

Yes, you can! However, be aware that only affiliated members will populate on the State Conference registration website.