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TSA Ambassador Chapter

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The Technology Student Association recently distributed a press release announcing TSA’s Computer Science initiative, designed to promote TSA to CS classrooms around the country. Your chapter can participate in this important initiative by becoming a TSA Ambassador Chapter.

TSA Ambassador Chapters help start and mentor new TSA chapters at schools that offer CS courses, but do not already have a TSA chapter at their school.

TSA Ambassador Chapters receive the following:

* Fulfillment of LEAP requirement upon completion of TSA Ambassador LEAP Form (competition interviews are still required)

* Ambassador pins for participating chapter members

* Ambassador chapter poster

* Ambassador chapter certificate

* Recognition on the national TSA website

* Recognition in the National TSA Conference program

* Conference ribbon for those who attend the National TSA Conference

To become an Ambassador Chapter or for additional information, contact Computer Science Program Manager Sandy Honour.

Thank you for your support of TSA.

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