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Grand Canyon University | Supportive Technology Events

Here in GCU’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology we strive to make an impact in the world by providing classrooms across the country with different tools and events that students can participate in to gather a better understanding on what higher education looks like in the field of technology. Below you will find various events that GCU is hosting that you and your students can utilize to gain an inside look into what areas of technology that we focus on.

Cyber Saturday Workshops: I am excited to announce that here at GCU we are offering a virtual Cyber Saturday workshop, on a monthly basis, that will give you a taste on what the Cybersecurity industry really looks like. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is experiencing an extreme shortage of qualified professionals. GCU recognizes the demand for cybersecurity careers and cordially invites you to a workshop through our Cyber Center of Excellence to learn more about this high-paying, dynamic field. You will get an inside look at cybersecurity and types of careers in the industry, while using advanced technologies and participating in hands-on activities and demos. The best part is that it is completely FREE. If you or your students are interested in participating in this workshop, the next event it is being held on Saturday, November 7th, from 10am-12pm AZ time, with a pre-chat with GCU Professors scheduled to begin at 9:30am AZ time. All you need to do is go to this website: and click on RSVP now to register for the workshop.

Virtual College Fairs: GCU is host Virtual College Fairs where students/classrooms will have the opportunity to receive program specific information from the Dean/Program Manager of that respective college, hear from a Program Development Specialist such as myself while we tour the facilities related to those programs, gather deeper insight into specific degrees from college faculty members, and finally, hear from current GCU students regarding their experience as a technology student. These Virtual College Fairs are running once a month starting in October and ending in May. This is a very unique opportunity for your students who are looking to attend a 4-year university to better understand what GCU is doing and what we represent.

GCU Live Lessons: GCU LIVE Lessons offer a FREE and innovative opportunity where students participate in interactive activities in the fields of Software Development, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Cybersecurity! Please use this GCU Live Lesson landing page to schedule any GCU Live Lessons that you might be interested in implementing in your classrooms.

Once again, here at GCU we are here to support you and your classrooms with as many unique opportunities as we can to receive more information about a higher education degree in the fields of technology and a better understanding on what those high-demand careers have to offer.

If you have any questions or concerns about these unique educational opportunities please let me know and I will support you in any way that I can.

God Bless,

Grand Canyon University is committed to supporting you on your educational journey and your opinion is important to us. If at any time you would like to share more about your experience at GCU with my supervisor, Daniel Hazy, please feel free to contact him at (602) 247-4686 or via email at or send to

Kacey Carvajal

Program Development Specialist, Technology

Traditional Campus


Grand Canyon University

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