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CSTA Equity in Action Summit

The CSTA Equity in Action Summit is a one-day virtual event bringing together K-12 CS teachers for a call to action to transform our approach to providing equitable CS education rooted in justice. Engage in strategies to equip yourself with resources on representation, access, and culturally sustaining pedagogies. Develop an action plan to increase CS education access to all students and to empower students to use CS in a just way.

Presented by the CSTA Equity Fellows.

Equity in computer science education is rooted in justice, the foundation of which is strengthened through representation and expanded access in environments that promote cultural sustainability, so students are given voice and power to use computer science for a more just society.

Interested in presenting? Email with your ideas.


Opening Keynote by Allison Scott, PhD

Reimagining Racial Justice and Computer Science Education

An opportunity for reflection, strategy, and action.

Dr. Scott is the Chief Executive Officer at the Kapor Center. Formerly the Chief Research Officer, she led a research team aiming to enhance diversity in the tech ecosystem through: (a) conducting landscape studies and research on interventions within educational settings and the technology workplace, and (b) disseminating effective research-based strategies, resources, and practices across the tech ecosystem. Read more of her work here.


Closing Keynote by Kamau Bobb, PhD

CS Education at an American Inflection

A discussion of computing education when democracy is under siege.

Dr. Bobb is the Global Lead for Diversity Strategy and Research at Google and the founding Senior Director of the Constellations Center for Equity in Computing at Georgia Tech. He is an engineer and science and technology policy scholar whose work focuses on the relationship between equity in the STEM enterprise, large educational systems, and the structural conditions that influence contemporary American life. Read more of his work here.


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March 5, 20212:59 AMET

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