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State Officer Team Coach Position Available

Posting closes June 3, 2022 at 5:00pm

Position Title: Technology Student Association State Officer Coach

Reports to: Colorado TSA State Advisor/ Assistant Program Director for Engineering, Technology, and Media Arts.

Job Classification: Consultant

Closing Date: June 3, 2022, at 5:00pm

Email resume, letter of intent with availability, and one letter on recommendation to:

               Colorado TSA State Advisor, Michelle Moore:

Start Date: ASAP

Salary: $1850/year


Job Summary:

The Technology Student Association (TSA) State Officer Coach assists the State Advisor by providing leadership development experiences, direction, counseling, and supervision to the Colorado TSA State Officer Team. The person in this position establishes basic ground rules and high expectations that help students lead themselves; and be a positive role model in actions and deeds.


Job Duties:

  1. Provide direction, counseling, supervision to the State Officer Team

  2. Serve as the liaison between the State Officer Team and the State Advisor

  3. Offer guidance in the writing of the State Program of Work

  4. Attend, supervise, and assist coordination and set-up of all meetings

    1. State Officer Candidate Meeting

    2. State Officer and Advisor Orientations

    3. CTSO State Officer Training: June 13- 15

    4. CTSO Leadership Kickoff: September 12-13

    5. State Conference: February 22-25

    6. National Conference: June 25-30

    7. Monthly State Officer Team Meetings

    8. Chapter Visits

  5. Coordinate and review State Officer monthly report to State Advisor

  6. Assist the State Advisor with any additional conference needs prior to and at the State Conference

  7. Attend meetings at the national, regional, state levels upon request of the State Advisor and/or the Colorado Community College System

  8. Serve as a member on the Colorado TSA Advisory Committee and attend all meetings

  9. Other duties as assigned


Required Qualifications:

  1. Minimum of five years out of high school

  2. Two years’ experience working with the Technology Student Association

  3. Attended at least one State Conference


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Effectively work as a team member

  2. Strong conflict management skills

  3. Ability to oversee multiple priorities and tasks and to meet deadlines

  4. Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing

  5. Strong attention to detail

  6. Ability to share knowledge by responding to questions and providing training to others

  7. Knowledge and understanding of leadership development

  8. Ability to work with learners of all ages

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